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Standard Library
CTransfer Class

This class is inherited from CFile and provides several additional member functions and variables that access Transfer Data Files.  This class is instantiated by the TDAT$O Cobol function.  The Buffer argument to the member functions is a CHAR(*)VAR format.  The member functions and variables are as follows:

This is the constructor.  It initializes the data members.
This is the destructor.  It deallocates the data members.
void CTransfer::Open(short*Key, char*Buffer, UINT Flags)
This member function opens the Transfer Data File.  Buffer is the full path name of the Transfer Data File.  Flags will be passed to the nOpenFlags argument of the base class open function.  For creating a file, use CFile::modeCreate | CFile::modeWrite | CFile::shareDenyWrite.  For reading an existing file, use CFile::modeRead | CFile::shareDenyNone.
void CTransfer::Close()
This member function closes the Transfer Data File.
void CTransfer::Write(char*Buffer)
This member function writes the specified buffer to the Transfer Data File.  Since the purpose of this class is to create a file with data from records of various types, be sure to specify a header in each record so that it can be distinguished from records of a different type.
void CTransfer::Read(char*Buffer)
This member function reads the next record from the Transfer Data File and places it in Buffer.  Buffer must be of sufficient length to contain the longest record that was written to the Transfer Data File.  The length of Buffer will be modified to the actual length of the record received.

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