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Areas of Expertise

With over 35 years of successful experience in the field, Titus Information Systems personnel can provide expert assistance in the following areas:

Application Design, Development, and Implementation
Creating a software application requires more than just writing code.  The designer must give careful consideration to not only user requirements but also budgetary constraints.  A complete understanding of the overall project is necessary for a successful implementation.  Titus Information Systems personnel are skilled at working with your employees through all phases of an application development project.  Titus personnel know how to work with your management to insure that the right questions are asked of the employees who will actually use the application.  They will insure that the most appropriate design results from those efforts.  Regardless of the programming language or application development tools used, Titus personnel are skilled in efficient, accurate development of the application exactly as designed and within the required budget.  Titus has a reputation for meeting deadlines.  The application must then be correctly installed on all user workstations, and the users must be completely trained in its proper operation.  Titus Information Systems will be your total application development solution.
Data Conversion, Validation, and Encryption
Whether you receive data in a "strange" format or you find that data you have had for some time is not being stored in an acceptable manner, Titus Information Systems can provide conversion services.  In the case of a one-time-only conversion, you may want to send your data to Titus for conversion to the proper format.  Titus can also provide conversion utilities your personnel may use any time the need arises.  Furthermore, the reputation of your company depends on the accuracy of your data.  Data validation is more than just insuring that numeric fields contain only numbers.  It is often necessary to correlate data in various fields, sometimes in other records, to insure the overall integrity of the entire data record.  Titus personnel are experienced at providing services or utilities for these data validation needs.  Especially for electronic transmission, it may be necessary to have your data encrypted.  Titus personnel can utilize their own encryption software or incorporate commercially available tools for the protection of the information essential to the success of your firm.  Let Titus help your firm with its information needs.
Interfacing, Emulation, and Process Control
"Real-Time Software" is a specialty of Titus Information Systems.  Currently, Titus software is employed in the operation of several power plants, including a Nuclear Generating Station, and the Alaska Oil Field.  Past programming experience includes the operation of a mass spectrometer and a scanning electron microscope as well as the navigation of military aircraft.  Titus personnel are available for both small enhancements and large projects.
Database Management
Titus Information Systems can assist your firm with all aspects of the management of a database.  Whether your database is large or small, it is essential that someone perform regular, verified backups.  There are often situations where a partial or complete reorganization is required.  Many times the structure of various tables within the database needs to be adjusted.  Titus can provide the tools and training necessary for your personnel to efficiently and effectively accomplish any database management task.
System Installation and Conversion
Whether your hardware and software is provided by Titus Information Systems or acquired by your own personnel, Titus personnel can assist with the installation and setup.  Installation goes well beyond running SETUP.EXE.  It requires careful assessment of user requirements even before the system purchase, installation of the necessary options, appropriate setup of all user settings, and continuing management of those settings well after the new system is on line.  Finally, it is unconscionable to require your personnel to "re-enter" data on a system conversion.  Any competent computer service should be able to completely convert your data from the old system, provide a "parallel" operation time period, and insure that your users are fully equipped to operate the new system.  Any data loss whatsoever during a system conversion must be unacceptable.  Let Titus make your new system the beneficial, exciting acquisition you intended it to be.
User Training and Support
What good is a computer if no one can use it?  Individual users learn at different speeds.  Titus Information Systems personnel can customize training sessions at your facility for your users.  This will maximize their productivity and help them to contribute effectively to the success of your firm.
Technical Support
Titus Information Systems is renown for its accurate, responsive technical support.  If your question is about software provided by Titus, our personnel will look up the information from the original source code while you wait!  Titus strives for a call-to-answer ratio of 1.00.  While our personnel don't know everything about everything, if the answer can be found, someone from Titus Information Systems will find it.
Hardware and Software Acquisition
Do you need a turn-key computer system?  Titus Information Systems can provide hardware, software, installation, and training.  With one, simple purchase order, you can get a totally functional information solution.  Send your specifications to Titus, and let our personnel worry about all the details!
Proposal Preparation and Presentation
Do you need technical assistance preparing and/or presenting a proposal?  Do you want to insure you have not promised to deliver something impossible, unfeasible, or just plain unprofitable?  Titus personnel are well qualified not only to review your proposal but also to assist with its preparation.  Titus has been called upon frequently to assist with proposal presentation for both information systems expertise and formal presentations.  Let Titus help you make that sale!

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