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The OhDarn! Reminder Utility is a program to help you remember those really important (and even the not so important) appointments.  When it is time for a reminder to be displayed, a message box will appear on the computer screen with the current time and the Reminder Message.  When you have seen the reminder and click OK, the reminder will automatically be deleted.  Reminders may be repeated hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, annually, or any time interval you specify.  You may get advance notice of an event, and you may snooze an event after it has occurred.  OhDarn! is a simple software package designed to provide a useful service to a computer user without the large, intrusive demands contemporary software packages seem to place on the user's computer system.  When you install OhDarn!, you will not require more memory, a larger disk drive, or a faster CPU.  OhDarn! will sit quietly on your task bar until you have commanded it to remind you of something.  When the Reminder Event has been acknowledged, it will go away: it will be erased from your computer's memory and deleted from your computer's disk drive.  By then, you should be on your way to the event having prevented the future need for the expression, "Oh, darn!"

Download a free copy.

View pictures of the new Windows NT, Flat-Screen, 15-inch monitors running the Terminal Emulation Software developed by Titus Information Systems.

BPX Control Room Upgrade
BPX Emulated Console

The Visitation System will help your church more effectively follow-up prospective members.  It allows you to put your finger on any information about a particular church prospect the instant you need it and then use that information as necessary to effectively minister to that prospect.  This comprehensive visitor information processing system stores all the relevant information on prospective members including the full name, address, telephone number, sex, marital status, birth date, school grade, group or department to which the prospective member would be assigned, category (new-in-area, counseling, etc.), and plenty of room for comments.  After the basic data is recorded for prospective members, the system then records each time they visit your church (their attendance).  If the prospective member is contacted by a congregation or staff member of your church, this may be recorded along with comments as to the results of that contact.  The demonstration is a full, working version that only accepts ten (10) families.

Download a free demonstration version.

The Timothy System is church membership records processing software.  It uses a comprehensive database which allows for complete storage, maintenance, and reporting of all membership information about individuals in your church, including full and preferred names with both titles and suffixes, address, home and business voice and FAX telephone numbers, birth and anniversary dates, sex, marital status, church relationship, and much more.  The database allows for a virtually unlimited number of Bible Study or Sunday School departments and classes, activities, or affiliations per individual with complete attendance tracking and reporting.  A full report generator provides the ability to search, sort, display, and print a wide variety of reports selected from and sorted by virtually any field in the database.  An auxiliary data file for "friends" of the church can be merged into any membership report.  A family ministry sub-system provides for assignment of family ministers to each family and complete tracking of their contacts to those families.  It also includes a text "notes" function for each family and individual.  The database allows for contributions and pledges to a virtually unlimited number of funds to be maintained individually by name, or they can be posted in batches of thirty for extremely fast entry and on-screen balancing.  A variety of custom reports can be invoked from the subsidiary menu.

Download the demonstration program.

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