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Payroll System

The Payroll System is designed to produce payroll checks with appropriate withholdings, benefits, allowances, and deductions for employees in multiple companies, departments, and/or sub-departments.  It has been designed to handle up to 1,000,000 employees in 100 companies, 1,000 departments in each company, and 36 sub-departments in each department.

Some of the features and benefits of the Payroll System are as follows:

  1. Multiple cost centers for payroll reporting.
  2. Will handle special non-taxable benefits for ministers.
  3. Flexible withholding capability.
  4. Ability to split payroll expense between different cost centers.
  5. Complete governmental reporting; FICA, FUTA, SUTA, Workman's Compensation, W-2's, and 1099's.
  6. Payroll check reversal.
  7. One check capability.
  8. Salaried, hourly, and contract employees in the same payroll run.
  9. Combined processing for weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly.
  10. Taxable and non-taxable benefits and deductions.
  11. Multiple hourly rates for each employee.
  12. General ledger interface.
  13. Check list UFD file for check reconciliation.
  14. Extensive personnel information for each employee.
  15. Accrual of sick, vacation, and holiday hours.
  16. Flexible federal, state, and local taxation.
  17. Multiple company, department, and sub-department capability.
  18. Flexible benefit and deduction capability.
  19. Easy federal, state, and local tax table maintenance.
  20. Split income over multiple companies, departments, sub-departments.
  21. Payroll accrual/reversal capabilities.
  22. Time card data entry function.
  23. Special message function for printing on check stubs.
The report formats available in the Payroll System include the following:
  1. Work Area - Lists company name and number, department name and number, sub-department name and number, and general ledger account numbers for gross, net, and payroll tax expense.
  2. Deduction Summary - Prints a summary of all the deduction records with the type code, general ledger account, description, explanation of benefit/deduction code, month-to-date, quarter-to-date, and year-to-date totals.
  3. Employee Master - A summary of information from the employee file, service file, and the miscellaneous file.  Options include inactive only, inactive and active, or active only.  The report is printed by employee number or alphabetical name order.
  4. Departmentalized Employee - Summarizes various employee information for each company/department/sub-department the employee works in.
  5. Deaprtment Worked - Prints all the active/inactive work-area(s) worked in by each employee.  Options include active only, inactive and active, or inactive only.
  6. Employee by Home Work-Area - Includes employee information by the home work-area.  Options include inactive only, active only, or both.  Selection of specific companies, departments, and sub-departments can also be obtained.
  7. Workmen's Compensation - Includes the necessary information for reporting gross and overtime amounts.  Options include company, department and sub-department selection, and active only, inactive only, or both.
  8. Hire/Termination Date - A summary of each employee with various information including hire and termination dates.
  9. Employee Birthdate - Printed by date range selection for promoting goodwill among employees.
  10. Sick/Vacation/Holiday - Summarize hours earned, hours available, and effective dates for sick, vacation, and holiday benefits.
  11. Payroll Timesheet - Printed for recording holiday, sick, vacation, regular, and various overtime hours and amounts.
  12. Current Payroll Data Records - Printed to verify correct entry of hourly information before payroll processing.
  13. Hourly Check In/Out Time - A listing of the hours worked as entered from the time cards.  A summary of total hours by work area is shown.
  14. Payroll Register - Summarizes total hours worked, check number, net pay, gross pay, federal, state, and local taxes, and miscellaneous benefits and deductions.
  15. Labor Distribution - Summarizes hours worked including regular, overtime, sick, vacation, and holiday time, benefit/reimbursements, commissions and other pay for each work area.
  16. Deduction - Summarizes all deductions for each employee.
  17. Benefit/Reimbursement - Summarizes all benefits and reimbursements for each employee.
  18. SUTA/FUTA - Summarizes the FUTA and SUTA for this pay period.
  19. Payroll Checks - Printed for each employee or contract employee for this period.
  20. Month/Quarter/Year - Include the payroll register, labor distribution, deduction, benefit/reimbursement, benefit/deduction, SUTA, and Federal Form 941 reports.
  21. Check List - Prints a check list for check reconciliation.
  22. W-2 Forms - Summary of employee earnings for income tax reporting.
  23. 1099-MISC Forms - Summary of non-employee earnings for income tax reporting.

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