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General Ledger System

This flexible General Ledger Accounting package helps the organization keep up with its rapidly changing finances.  It features a double entry style of bookkeeping with up to 10,000 divisions, 10,000 departments in each division, and 100,000,000 accounts in each department.  Up to 9 journals are supported for each account.  It will support both a standard accounting system and a fund accounting system, with up to 10,000 funds available.  It features an optional budgeting capability that will allow the organization's financial officer to keep abreast of expenditures on a division, department, account, or fund basis.

The General Ledger System provides a full range of accounting reports, including a listing of division and department descriptions, a listing of period beginning and ending dates, a Chart of Accounts, a journal report for all journals, and a comprehensive General Ledger report.  The reports may be printed or displayed and may be selected using a range of division, department, or account numbers; these allow the maximum flexibility possible for each report.

The General Ledger System maintains account history data indefinitely.  All reports may be produced for both the current accounting period and any accounting period or range of accounting periods in the past.  In addition, if an accounting period has been "closed" prematurely, it may be "un-closed" so that further data may be entered.

In addition to allowing fast entry of journal data, this system accepts journal entries automatically from other Titus Information Systems financial applications including the Accounts Payable and Payroll systems.  Furthermore, recurring journal entries may be maintained and added to the system periodically as necessary.  The amounts for these entries may be entered and stored, or they may be calculated by the General Ledger System based on a percentage of the "cash" amount.

To assist in the organization's financial management, the General Ledger System produces a Budget Summary, Current Budget Variance, Comparative Analysis, Fund Statement, Financial Statement, and Balance Sheet.  These may also be printed or displayed and may be selected for any accounting period or range of accounting periods.

The format for these reports is completely user-definable.  Each individual account can be positioned in specific columns as necessary.  Both summary and detail reports are automatically produced for divisions and departments.  The fund statement may be produced for a fund or a range of funds.  The advanced account titling feature gives the user the ability to produce totals on ranges of accounts at his own discretion with up to four levels of sub-totals.  Also, a title-account-only summary may be optionally produced.

A "type" account may be entered that allows types of account balances to be summarized on these reports.  Using this feature, the user may have special balances calculated, such as Gross Profit or Net Profit, or the user may manufacture a special summary financial report in addition to the title-account-only summary without having to re-enter totals.

The financial statement features three layouts.  The first is a six-column layout with actual, budget, and budget variance for both current and year-to-date periods.  The budget variance may be listed in dollars or percent.  Since this layout will not allow the full width of dollar values (the system allows a dollar value up to ten trillion (10,000,000,000,000) dollars) to be expressed, the figures may be printed in dollars, hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars, or millions of dollars.  The second is a four-column layout with actual and sales variance for both current and year-to-date periods.  The sales variance may be listed in dollars or percent.  The third is also a four-column layout with actual and budget for both current and year-to-date periods.  Both of the four-column layouts will allow the full dollar value width to be expressed.

Using this exhaustive General Ledger Financial Accounting system will provide the financial officers of the largest corporation or the smallest organization with the data required to maintain control of the organization's finances and to make sound business decisions.

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