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Accounts Payable System

The Accounts Payable System is designed to produce accounts payable checks on an accrual or cash basis.  Up to eight bank accounts can be handled, and General Ledger entries are automatically posted.  Some of the features and benefits of the Accounts Payable System are as follows:

  1. Complete numerical or alphabetical vendor lists.
  2. Produces mailing labels for vendors.
  3. Vendor history of purchases, payments, and credits.
  4. The ability to make partial payments to any invoice.
  5. Recurring entries for fixed payment types.
  6. Ability to print only one check at a time for vendors or non-vendors.
  7. Variable payment schedules for vendors.
  8. Exclude or include any one or all vendor invoice for payment.
  9. Check reversal for erroneously written vendor checks.
  10. Printing of the check and invoice summary.
  11. Generates and produces 1099's.
  12. Incorporates credit memos from vendors.
  13. Cash requirement reporting.
  14. Accurate invoice aging and reporting.
  15. Complete vendor history reporting.
  16. User defined history file purging.
  17. Processes discounts when only a partial amount is discountable.
  18. User level batch code permits multi-user invoice entry and posting.
  19. General ledger distribution to an unrestricted number of accounts.
The report formats available in the Accounts Payable System include the following:
  1. Vendor Name List - A list of all vendors in alphabetical or numerical vendor order.  Options include printing the sort name and address on the report.
  2. Mailing Lables - Can be printed for all vendors.  Options include the "order" or "remit" address.
  3. Vendor Activity - can be printed or displayed on the terminal at the users option.  The report can be alphabetical or numerical in order, and the vendor range can also be requested.
  4. New Payables Register - Lists all new payables that will be posted to the open payables file and the general ledger system.  The report title is requested along with the batch range.
  5. Open Payable - Lists the current open payables.  The report title, vendor range, invoice range, and as-of-date are requested.  The as-of-date will produce a "true" open item report.
  6. Aged Trial Balance - Details by vendor the open payable invoices.  The report title, department range, and order of vendors are requested.  The age calculation date is requested for an "as of" date for aging on the report.  The as-of-date will produce a "true" open item report.
  7. Check Register - Lists the checks for the current check run.  This report requests the bank account code desired, user report title, department range, check writing date, vendor order, and starting check number.  The number or "target" checks is also requested at this time.
  8. History - Prints the history of payables.  The report title, vendor range, invoice range, bank account code range, and check number range can be stipulated.
  9. Check List - Prints checks for the current UFD only.  The report title, bank account code range, check number range, and check date range are requested.
  10. Check Printing - This facility is provided for within the system.  This includes the one-at-a-time check function or a normal check run.

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