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Reach Those Prospects!

Have you ever wondered what happened to the name, address, and phone number of that nice young couple who visited two weeks ago?

You can follow-up your prospects more effectively!

The Visitation System will help your church more effectively follow-up prospective members.  It allows you to put your finger on any information about a particular church prospect the instant you need it and then use that information as necessary to effectively minister to that prospect.

VISITOR -- The Visitation System

This comprehensive visitor information processing system stores all the relevant information on prospective members including the full name, address, telephone number, sex, marital status, birth date, school grade, group or department to which the prospective member would be assigned, category (new-in-area, counseling, etc.), and plenty of room for comments.  After the basic data is recorded for prospective members, the system then records each time they visit your church (their attendance).  If the prospective member is contacted by a congregation or staff member of your church, this may be recorded along with comments as to the results of that contact.

Given a computer with a sufficiently large hard disk drive, the Visitation System can maintain up to ten million families with 99 prospects in each family.  An attendance and a contact may be recorded for each prospect for each day of the year, with no limit on the number of times a prospect may attend or be contacted.  All records are stored in an indexed fashion allowing them to be accessed quickly regardless of the quantity.  The database uses the BTRIEVE file system, allowing records to also be accessed with many popular generalized database management programs.

This wealth of information then enables you to make selections from among the prospective members based on any recorded information including name, address, zip code, the last time they attended, the last time they were visited, their interest in a particular ministry of your church, or their age-group.  After the prospective member names are thus selected, you may sort them in alphabetical, street address, zip-code, interest, or age-group order.

When the selected names have been sorted, they may then be printed in a master report, which details all the information collected, or a statistics report, which allows your church to help determine the effectiveness of various ministries.  The names of the prospective members may also be printed on one-across, three-across, laser, or Cheshire labels to facilitate a more effective mailing ministry.  For more personalized mailings, the names may also be transferred directly to the WordMARC word processor or exported to a "comma-delimited" ASCII-text import file, which may be used by any popular PC-based word processor.

Additionally, selected and sorted prospective member information may be printed on a special visitation slip; members and staff of your church may use this to help when calling on the prospective members.  First, the basic information about the prospective member is listed; then the prospective member's attendance is described; finally, the results of all the previous contacts made to this prospective family are detailed.

Armed with this information, the members and staff of your church involved in making a call will not only feel more confident, but also will be more prepared when approaching this prospective member.  This will result in a more effective visitation program, increasing your church's ministry to the surrounding community.

To receive this fine product, send us your name, church name, address, telephone number, and $49.00; Arizona residents please add 8.3% sales tax, for a total of $53.07.  Church and personal checks will be accepted; please allow three weeks for delivery.  The price includes a license to use the software on one single-user personal computer, a complete user manual, shipping, and 90 days free technical support.  Network licenses are also available.  The MS/DOS version of the software package requires MS-DOS 5.0 or greater, a 386 or greater processor with 2MB of memory and 10MB of hard disk and uses only the BTRIEVE filing system.  The Windows version requires Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, or greater.  It will operate with either the BTRIEVE filing system, which requires a separate license, or an internal filing system, which is included.  A demonstration copy of the Windows version may be downloaded.  Unless otherwise specified, the software will be shipped on a CD.  Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need further information.

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