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Membership Records Processing

The Titus Information Systems church membership records processing software consists of eight software packages named after great men of the New Testament.  All packages use the same comprehensive database which allows for complete storage, maintenance, and reporting of all membership information about individuals in your church, including full and preferred names with both titles and suffixes, address, home and business voice and FAX telephone numbers, birth and anniversary dates, sex, marital status, church relationship, and much more.  These packages are as follows:

Complete membership records processing with one Bible Study or Sunday School department and class per individual.  Ability to search and display by individual or department.  Reports include master, one-line, telephone roster, mailing labels, 3x5 or rolodex cards, and comma-delimited export.

All functions of Onesimus with the addition of complete attendance tracking and reporting for the Bible Study or Sunday School department and class.  Attendance may be added individually by name, or weekly or monthly for an entire department or class at once.  Additional reports include weekly, monthly, or quarterly attendance rosters and a comprehensive attendance report.

AQUILA ($79)
All functions of Onesimus with the addition of fund and contribution tracking.  Contributions and pledges to an unlimited number* of funds are maintained individually by name or envelope number and are balanced with both weekly and monthly contribution reports.  Either quarterly or annual contribution statements may be produced.  An export file may be produced for automatic envelope creation.  Additional reports include the money counters name list, pledge count report, contribution analysis, and a comprehensive stewardship report.

JAMES ($99)
All functions of Onesimus, Philemon, and Aquila.  This is our most popular package.

APOLLOS ($149)
Complete membership records processing with an unlimited number* of Bible Study or Sunday School departments and classes, activities, or affiliations per individual with complete attendance tracking and reporting.  The full report generator provides the ability to search, sort, display, and print a wide variety of reports selected from and sorted by virtually any field in the database.  An auxiliary data file for "friends" of the church can be merged into any membership report.

All functions of Apollos with a family ministry sub-system providing for assignment of family ministers to each family and complete tracking of their contacts to those families.  This system also includes a text "notes" function for each family and individual.

MATTHEW ($249)
All functions of Apollos and Aquila.  Contributions and pledges to an unlimited number* of funds are maintained individually by name or can be posted in batches of thirty for extremely fast entry and on-screen balancing.  Custom reports can be invoked from the subsidiary menu.

TIMOTHY ($299)
All functions of Apollos, Epaphras, and Matthew.  This is everything any church could need.

To receive any of these fine products, send us your name, church name, address, telephone number, and the price listed; Arizona residents please add 8.3% sales tax.  Church and personal checks will be accepted; please allow three weeks for delivery.  The price includes a license to use the specified system software on one single-user personal computer, a complete user manual, shipping, and 90 days free technical support.  If you decide to upgrade to a larger package, you may "trade in" your current package for full value for the first year.  Network licenses are also available for Apollos, Epaphras, Matthew, and Timothy.  Each software package requires MS-DOS 5.0 or greater, a 386 or greater processor with 2MB of memory and 10MB of hard disk.  Unless otherwise specified, all software will be shipped on a CD.  Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need further information.

* "an unlimited number" means 2,520.  Note that all 2,520 of these may be assigned to every individual in your church.  In Apollos, Epaphras, Matthew, and Timothy, it is possible that one individual could be categorized by over 10,000 involvement codes!  Although not technically "unlimited", we believe this is as close as one can get on a computer.

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